I took these two pictures one day and thought they were quite good, the robin stayed there for about two minutes while I took a couple of photographs.

I am that little robin

That sits upon a tree

I sing to you each morning

But you don’t know it’s me

I am that little robin

In your garden everyday

I will never leave you

I will never fly away.

~John F Connor


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016



Sorry I have not been posting for a while, I have been awfully busy!

Today we travelled down to Glenarm for a walk or a “dander” as we say a lot! The weather was great but had a few showers. I took some great photographs and put them on here. There were lots of ducks and I got a few pictures of them, too. Hope you like them!


Another place we went to was Ballintoy, and it was really nice. I got lovely photos and even got time to climb some cliffs/hills. It was a great time and I hope that we could go again some day. I took all these photos and I hope you like them!

Dunluce Castle

Yesterday, we went to many places along the North Coast, and Dunluce Castle was one of them. Although we didn’t actually go in to the castle, we still got some photographs of it. The weather was great! Hope you all like these pictures!

A Visitor to the Garden

Yesterday I was strolling round the garden with my camera seeing if there were any nice flowers to take pictures of. I found a nice flower but when I zoomed in close to it, i could see a small fly just sitting there, staring at me with its large googly eyes. I took a few minutes trying to focus on it, and for some amazing reason the fly didn’t move. I got three shots of the fly and thought they were quite good. Hope you like them!


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016

A Walk Along the Tram Line

Today we went to Bushmills and walked along the tram line. There were many nice photographic opportunities and I got a few pictures on my camera. My favorite picture has got to be the track running over the bridge. Don’t worry, the trams weren’t running today so I wasn’t close to being hurt taking these pictures. Hope you all like them!