Today I awoke and looked out my window. My eyes were drawn to little white drops and soon realised that they were Snowdrops. I went outside and snapped a photo of them. The photo came out really well, so I thought I would put it on here.



©Joel McClean 2017


God’s Wonderful Creation

Sometimes we look around us and take everything that we have for granted. Sometimes we sit and admire the nature around us, but do we thank the great man who created it? God’s world is really astonishing and beautiful, but sometimes we just don’t take time to admire and thank God for such a wonderful world.

I took these few images and flowers just to show you how great a world that our God has created.


©Joel McClean 2017


©Joel McClean 2017


©Joel McClean 2017

Watchet Harbour

Also on our holiday, we went to a beautiful place called Watchet. The harbour there was lovely and unforgettable. All the boats were colourful and were sitting just waiting for me to capture them on my camera.

Here are the photos…


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016

Cheddar Gorge

Sorry I haven’t been posting a lot recently as I have been on holiday, but I guess it’s good now because I can share it with you all…

We went to Cheddar Gorge which has large cliffs and caves. The cliffs were very tall and are amazing to look at when having a tour in an open roof bus. There is a cliff which looks like a lion which I will point out.

We went up Jacob’s Ladder which has 257 steps, and the reward at the end is a spectacular view of the town and it’s massive reservoir!

Here are the pictures…


Sunset Over the Skerries

“We live in a wonderful world of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.”                                                 -Jawaharlal Nehr


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016


I took these two pictures one day and thought they were quite good, the robin stayed there for about two minutes while I took a couple of photographs.

I am that little robin

That sits upon a tree

I sing to you each morning

But you don’t know it’s me

I am that little robin

In your garden everyday

I will never leave you

I will never fly away.

~John F Connor


© Joel McClean 2016


© Joel McClean 2016


Sorry I have not been posting for a while, I have been awfully busy!

Today we travelled down to Glenarm for a walk or a “dander” as we say a lot! The weather was great but had a few showers. I took some great photographs and put them on here. There were lots of ducks and I got a few pictures of them, too. Hope you like them!